Fiberglass Composite Hubs Available From TOPP Industries

February 11, 2013

FiberHubRochester, IN - TOPPIndustries offers new Fiberglass Composite Hubs in 2”, 3”, 4”, 6”, and 8” sizes as a cost effective alternative for cast iron hubs, though cast iron hubs are also available. Composite hubs are corrosion resistant, will never rust, and include hardware and basin seal with accessory seals available.  Easy to install, these hubs offer a fast, superior seal and Topp offers a no-leak guarantee if they handle the installation. 

Composite hubs fit all basins/pump stations, 18-30”, 36-48” and 60” and up, and feature a “butt pipe” or “pass through design”.  Other TOPP Industries exclusive equipment includes additional accessories and inlets.  PDQ Inlets are well suited for PVC or cast iron pipe and for use on flat basin surfaces.  TI Inlets are also available for use on flat surfaces.

TOPP Industries also offers custom designed inlets, hubs and systems to meet specific applications. 

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