Composite Covers

Non-Corrosive, Strong and Lightweight

TOPP offers Fiberglass Composite Covers with excellent weather-ability, heat and extreme cold resistance and chemical retardant properties. All stainless steel hardware and gasket material is included with each cover. TOPP can also incorporate custom company logos or lettering on the covers. Various composite cover styles are available: solid, simplex, duplex, hinged & lockable hatch, simplex with access, duplex with access, “frogmouth” hinged & lockable and septic riser.

Composite Cover Features Include:

  • UV protective coating available 
  • 300 lbs per sq. ft. load rating 
  • Non-skid surface 
  • Cost effective 
  • Easy to install & maintenance free 
  • Various sizes available 
  • Zero theft value 
  • High impact resistance 
  • Exceptional uniformity, dimensional accuracy and stability 
  • Per unit of weight, fiberglass is among the strongest commercial materials, stronger than concrete, steel or aluminum

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