Poly Extensions

Standard Features: 

  • Constructed of durable, corrosion-resistant polyethylene resin
  • Increase basin depths with minimal cost
  • Encapsulated Inserts
  • Includes hardware and gasket material
  • Recess Roll Top reduces installation and servicing cost
  • Recess Roll Top provides a flush and neat appearance after installation of cover
  • Easily installs on the following basins:
    • 18” Polyethylene Roll Top Extensions
      • All 18” Recess Roll Top Poly Basins
      • All 18” Structural Foam Basins
    • 24” Polyethylene Roll Top Extensions
      • All 24” Recess Roll Top Poly Basins
  • Lightweight, stackable construction. Can be shipped UPS or common carrier

The Details: 

These Recess Roll Top Polyethylene Extensions was designed with one issue in mind, that is the ease of increasing the basin depth quickly and easily. The Recess Roll Top Polyethylene Extension will provide a smooth and flush appearance once the installation of the cover is completed.

The wide upper flange also helps prevent dirt, gravel, and concrete from entering the basin during installation.

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