Roll Top

The 18”X 30”Sewage Ejector Basin is uniquely designed and developed with one issue in mind, that of ease or maintenance. By virtue of its own design, your time for servicing the pump is reduced dramatically. Rotationally molded of high quality polyethylene at our state-of-art facility, this product assures years of trouble-free use. Contact our team toll-free at 1-800-354-4534 with any questions today!

Roll Top Basin Features Include:

  • Constructed Of Durable, Corrosion- Resistant Polyethylene Resin
  • Encapsulated Inserts
  • Standard Package Includes All Hardware & Accessories, Ready For Swift Installation
  • Roll Top Design Dramatically Reduces Service Time For Pump Maintenance
  • Cover Options Include: Steel, Poly, & Structural Foam
  • Discharge & Vent Size Options Include: 1-1/4”, 1-1/2”, 2”And3”
  • Lightweight, Stackable Construction. Can Be Shipped Ups Or Common Carrier


Part Number: B2400RT (18"x30)
Capacity: 30 US Gallons
Weight: 14 Pounds Wall
Thickness: 3/16”


Fiberglass Weight: 18 Pounds
12 Gauge Steel Weight: 16 Pounds
1/4" Thick Steel Weight: 48 Pounds

Cover Options:

C18WSL: 14 Gauge - Solid Steel Cover
C18WSH: 1/4" Thick - Solid Steel Cover
C18SSL: 14 Gauge - Simplex Steel Cover
C18SP: Simplex Poly Cover
C18SS: 14 Gauge - Simplex Steel Cover
C18SF: Simplex Structural Foam Cover
C18TS: 2 pc. 14 Gauge - Simplex Steel Cover
C18TSF: 2pc. Simplex Structural Foam Cover