Side vent

The Side-Vent Sump and Sewage Ejector Basins' unique design has been developed for efficient maintenance, reducing service time dramatically.

With the vent pipe remaining intact, gone are the days of cutting and then repairing the vent pipe for achieving regular pump maintenance. This approach to the design of this basin easily reduces the time for your service calls by one third.

Side-Vent Basin Features Include:

  • All Components Constructed Of Durable, Corrosion-Resistant Polyethylene Resin
  • Designed For New Construction And Retrofit Applications
  • Integrated Threaded Side-Vent Connection Reduces Pump Maintenance Time
  • Roll Top Flange Decrease Installation Cost
  • Polyethylene Encapsulated Threaded Inserts
  • Discharge Size Options Include: 1-1/4”, 1-1/2”, 2”, And 3”Grommets
  • Standard Package Includes All Hardware & Accessories & Ready For Swift Installation



Basin Part No.: B2200SV (3” ‘Side-Vent’) Description: 18”x 22”
Capacity: 22 US Gallons
Weight: 8 Pounds
Wall Thickness: 3/16”

Basin Part No.: B2400SV (2” ‘Side-Vent’) Description: 18”x 30”
Capacity: 30 US Gallons
Weight: 10 Pounds
Wall Thickness: 3/16”

Basin Part No.: B2700SV (3” ‘Side-Vent’) Description: 23”x 31”
Capacity: 49 U.S. Gallons
Weight: 12 Pounds
Wall Thickness: 3/16”

Cover Options:

C18SPSVR: Simplex Radon Gas-Tite Poly
C18SSSVR: Simplex Radon Gas-Tite Steel C18SFSVR: Simplex Radon Gas-Tite Structural Foam
C18SPSV: Simplex Poly Cover
C18SSSV: Simplex Steel Cover
C18SFSV: Simplex Structural Foam Cover
C23SSV: Simplex Steel Cover, for B2700SV

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